Our Story

It was the year 2001, the majority of the world did not have direct access to the internet. More than 90% of the people that did have access used a dial up (telephone) connection.

This was the year in which online communities where founded, back then mostly using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) services. We were part of communities which focussed on (web)hosting and internet services. It started with hosting the websites and forums (message boards) for these communities and providing infrastructure (hub and leaf nodes) for several IRC networks.

As the internet matured in the years after, the focus for us changed with it. We focussed on optimization of (web)services as our communities grew, in order to handle the millions of hits per day on, which back then with the available hard- and software was a neat challange. The speed and stability of the services was not left unnoticed by the community..

Quickly after in 2003 we have received requests from within our communities to help optimize and host their website and services. This was the year we started professionally with providing internet services. Within several months we opened our first location in an Amsterdam (NL) datacenter. Our focus for the company at that time was providing quality (web)hosting for competitive pricing. This turned out to be a success and in 2018 the company operated over 5000 physical servers and had over 2 Tbps of internet capacity.

During the more than 15 years in this field, a lot changed. I.e. bandwidth pricing decreased more than 1000 times, while the usage went up over 300 times. We also had many new ideas which would be greatly beneficial for the customer. In November 2018 we decided to sell the company, this in order to properly focus on those ideas and make them become reality.

In 2015 a new company was founded, TNGNET B.V. - which will focus on several niches within the internet services market. Primarely A) providing highly personal and fully customized internet services - from small consumer hosting to enterprise multi-datacenter setups and white label reseller colocation, and B) instant delivery of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS).
  • Premium Services Enterprise grade quality
  • Tailored Fit Build to meet your needs
  • Unique Purposefully different
  • Industry Experience 20+ years of knowledge